Everyone, listen up!  Jenna the astrologer has been scamming people for a long while on the internet.  You get an email for a “Free psychic reading”, and if you enter your birthdate, and email,  you get a personal sounding reply.  This reply is a vaguely accurate sounding, spew of words….It is meant to make you think that,” She” cares.  I say “She”, because she is really a he…..:)  She cons people into entering a credit card number, even mailing money orders, and checks…promising a printed reading mailed to your home address, and then takes your money…..of course, no reading ever comes.  People have done investigating on “Her”, and found out that this is who the site is registered to:

Alexandre Baronnet (F8PEL) administrator@intrnic.com
1 route de Bordeaux
Bordeaux, NA 33550
Phone: +1 (133) 055-6674 ext.198

Preying on innocent people, victimizing the vulnerable, I would like to know how many have had this experience with the fasad of “Jenna”….Reporting this site to the authorities on the web, in France, and wherever people have been victimized is really SUPER important!!!!  Please take into consideration how many websites out there are not what they say!!!!  ALWAYS DO INVESTIGATE WHO YOU ENTRUST WITH YOUR PERSONAL, AND FINANCIAL INFO!!!!!!