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The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.  Whether he’s got an abscess on his knee or in his soul.  ~Rona Barrett

My diagnosis…A body, and mind that swim in opposite directions.  This is what I truly believe.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in September of 2000, he was worth every pain, and change to my physical, and mental health.  My body had swum upstream, and I was not ready to embrace the pains of chronic illness.  Hell….I had plans.  We all have them.  Why did I have to sit on the sidelines, watching friends bound towards their dreams, while I struggled to get out of bed, and raise my son?


We hear this from everyone, we nod, and smile.  We think, ” It Can’t Happen To Me.”

I am here to tell you that it WILL happen.  When it does, unless you embrace changes, and work with them, it could destroy you.    I forced myself to find positive things to focus on.  I had time to write.  I still had a voice, that has no intention of quieting down anytime soon….(  Much to the dismay of loved ones! :))

Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder will not destroy me.  If one road is unreachable, I will search for the detour.  There is strength in endurance, that I will hopefully find along the journey.

Excuse the Pollyanna attitude, but positivity helps get me through the dark times, along with some silliness, and good pizza…


I love being an American….

We are one of the richest, nations in the world, and the freedoms we possess are a tapestry that our Foremother’s, and Father’s wove intricately, with their courage, and conviction.  Our land is bountiful, our people diverse, and opportunity abundant.

One day,   I happened upon a snippet of information.  It not only baffled me, but c0mpletely impacted my image of America.


I believe that if we stop eating mass produced, preservative laden foods, we would be consuming healthier, and  more nutritional alternatives.

We live in a rat-race….

Many families run a daily marathon.  Time is a hot commodity, that is in short supply.  We work, play, and raise children in an hourglass.  Somewhere in the hustle, we must find the right moment to analyze our health habits, and integrate nutrition back into our days.    Let’s take advantage of our abundant country, while teaching our offspring habit’s of prime health, and longterm wellbeing.  This is one freedom we ALL have access to!

I Choose Life

A year ago, today, my life, and health had spun drastically out of control.  I was taking so many pills, I could have put a  flashing sign in front of my house, that said ” Pharmacy”.

My Lupus was flaring almost weekly, and friends had begun questioning my ability to apply blush, due to the Butterfly Rash that was a permanent fixture on my face.  The constant rash, throbbing joints, and daily headaches were a mental, and physical buzzkill.

My marriage had fallen to tiny shards, in the wreck that had become my life.  My husband worked over 70 hours a week, and had no qualms about avoiding me mentally, and physically.  He routinely sat in front of the T. V., if he wasn’t at work, reminding me, ”  I am TRYING to watch this!”  ( This is said with a simultaneous eyeroll by him)  Needless to say, I had learned that forever meant,  as long as I am quiet….  I went in search of happiness on  my own.

On February 21st, 2010,  I moved out, taking nothing with me, but clothes, my precious son, and his toys.  I didn’t want my boy to grow up thinking that ours was a model for marriage, or life.  We came to live with old friends, and I went to work on someone who has been neglected for longer than I would like to admit….me.

In the course of the year, I found happiness, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I no longer am dictated by pain, to bombard my body with painkillers.  I still have pretty horrific pain, but choose clarity of mind, over that type of, ”  Stick your head in pillow “, relief.

I learned who my friends are.  Those people who choose me, because of my”  Stranger Than Fiction” quirks, and love me regardless.  I have learned to love that dreamy, creative, and nonsensical girl that is me.

Last, but not least,  I found someone who loves me for all of these things, and more….I am reshaping my forever.

Is this a, ” Happily Ever After?”  YES.  Am I rolling my eyes?  NO.  Why????  It’s all mine, that’s why!!!!


Everyone, listen up!  Jenna the astrologer has been scamming people for a long while on the internet.  You get an email for a “Free psychic reading”, and if you enter your birthdate, and email,  you get a personal sounding reply.  This reply is a vaguely accurate sounding, spew of words….It is meant to make you think that,” She” cares.  I say “She”, because she is really a he…..:)  She cons people into entering a credit card number, even mailing money orders, and checks…promising a printed reading mailed to your home address, and then takes your money…..of course, no reading ever comes.  People have done investigating on “Her”, and found out that this is who the site is registered to:

Alexandre Baronnet (F8PEL)
1 route de Bordeaux
Bordeaux, NA 33550
Phone: +1 (133) 055-6674 ext.198

Preying on innocent people, victimizing the vulnerable, I would like to know how many have had this experience with the fasad of “Jenna”….Reporting this site to the authorities on the web, in France, and wherever people have been victimized is really SUPER important!!!!  Please take into consideration how many websites out there are not what they say!!!!  ALWAYS DO INVESTIGATE WHO YOU ENTRUST WITH YOUR PERSONAL, AND FINANCIAL INFO!!!!!!